McDonald’s Menu With Prices in Canada 15th July 2024

Check the Latest McDonald’s Menu prices Canada with Nutritional Info, Ingredients, Allergens and Recipes. McDonald’s has 1362 Branches all around Canada majorly in big states like Alberta, Quebec and Ontario. McDonald’s Menu Canada is Same with a little bit variations in availability of items. So Pick the One and Enjoy it!

McDonalds Breakfast Menu

McDonalds Breakfast menu is with too much options to go with healthiest and budget friendly breakfast in Canada

McDonalds Beef Menu

McDonalds Beef Menu Canada is with one to triple layers of Beef Patties options with full of legit taste. Check Calories count and Pricing and choose the one that suits you

McDonald’s Chicken Menu

Crave the Cluck! Check McDonald’s Canada’s chicken menu – from crispy tenders to juicy sandwiches, it’s a feast of flavours waiting for you!

Sandwiches & Wraps Menu

Dive into our delicious selection of McDonald’s sandwiches and wraps, prepared with premium ingredients to enhance your mealtime experience.

Snacks & Sides Menu

Treat yourself to a mouthwatering array of snacks and sides that add an extra crunch or dip to your McDonald’s experience.

Happy Meal Menu

Delight your little ones with McDonald’s Happy Meal options featuring kid-friendly favorites, ensuring every meal is a playful adventure, especially designed to bring smiles with every bite, complete with a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy surprise!

McCafe & Bakery Menu

McCafe & Bakery menu at McDonald’s Canada features a delightful selection of premium coffees, decadent pastries, and sweet treats for a perfect break.


Explore the McDonald’s McPicks menu that offers a range of budget-friendly options without compromising on taste or quality—perfect for satisfying cravings without breaking the bank.

McDonalds Canada Desserts & Shakes

Enjoy the world of sweetness with McDonald’s Milkshake Menu & Desserts lineup, where each dessert and shake is prepared to bring joy and delight to your taste buds


Explore McDonald’s Beverage Menu featuring a refreshing range of drinks, from classic sodas to specialty coffees and teas, designed to keep you hydrated and satisfied.

McDonald’s Working Hours in Canada

This fast-food chain has almost 1362 branches spread across various cities, states, and provinces of this country. Besides this, Canada has six different time zones as it is among the largest countries (in terms of land area) in the world. Therefore, the working hours of McDonald’s vary from location to location.

Most of the McDonald’s branches in Canada operate 24 hours while the remaining branches have specific working hours. McDonald’s does not own all its branches in Canada rather it offers franchises to particular individuals. So, each franchise owner has the authority to decide the working hours of his/her particular branch considering regional factors like popularity, demand, profitability, etc.

Furthermore, the working hours vary according to the services that a particular branch offers. Branches that provide breakfast menus usually have longer working hours and employees work in different shifts. Here is a general overview of the operational hours of McDonald’s branches in Canada.

Day of the WeekHours for Branches Offering BreakfastBreakfast HoursHours for Branches Not Offering Breakfast
Monday6:00 AM – 11:00 PM6:00 AM – 10:30 AM7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday6:00 AM – 11:00 PM6:00 AM – 10:30 AM7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday6:00 AM – 11:00 PM6:00 AM – 10:30 AM7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday6:00 AM – 11:00 PM6:00 AM – 10:30 AM7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday6:00 AM – 11:00 PM6:00 AM – 10:30 AM7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday6:00 AM – 11:00 PM6:00 AM – 10:30 AM7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday6:00 AM – 11:00 PM6:00 AM – 10:30 AM7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

These times might vary by location and local demand, so it’s always a good idea to check with a specific McDonald’s branch for the most accurate information.

McDonald’s Menu Canada Latest Offers

McDonald’s always provides their customers with exciting offers and deals to stay connected to this fast food chain. With McDonald’s deals, you can get different exciting bonuses and prizes. Moreover, different rewards are offered on My McDonald’s Rewards through which you can earn points and discounts. To avail of the discounts or benefits you need to download the McDonald’s App.

McDonald’s Canada Commitment to Quality

McDonald’s Canada is dedicated to providing high-quality food to its customers. They focus on sourcing ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible, which means they get fresh and good-quality products. For example, they use 100% Canadian beef without any additives, and their eggs come from Canadian farms too.

They also pay attention to how their food is made. McDonald’s Canada follows strict guidelines to make sure their food is prepared safely and tastes consistent no matter which restaurant you visit. This includes training employees properly and using specific procedures for cooking and serving food.

Additionally, McDonald’s Canada has made commitments to sustainability, like using packaging that can be recycled and serving only fish that has been caught in a way that helps protect fish stocks for the future. They also work on reducing their environmental impact by managing waste and energy use better.

McDonald’s Allergen Menu

McDonald’s Canada understands that some people have allergies to certain foods. To help these customers, they provide an “Allergen Menu.” This menu is designed to inform customers about the ingredients in their food and which allergens may be present. Here’s a breakdown of how the Allergen Menu works:

  1. Allergen Information: McDonald’s lists common allergens that might be in their food. These include things like nuts, milk, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish.
  2. Cross-Contamination Warning: Even if a food item does not contain allergens as ingredients, there might still be a risk of cross-contamination. This can happen if food is prepared in the same area or with the same tools as allergenic foods. McDonald’s makes it clear that they cannot guarantee any item is completely free of allergens.
  3. Detailed Menu: The Allergen Menu provides details on which menu items contain specific allergens. This helps people with allergies to make safe choices when ordering their meals.
  4. Online and In-Store Information: Customers can find allergen information online on McDonald’s Canada website or they can ask for it in the restaurant. This makes it easier for everyone to access the information they need, wherever they are.
  5. Updated Regularly: McDonald’s keeps their allergen information up to date. When they introduce new menu items or change existing recipes, they update the Allergen Menu. This is important because it helps customers stay informed about the latest information.

McDonalds Menu Special Deals & Meal Combos

McDonald’s Canada offers a variety of meal combinations and specials to cater to different tastes and preferences. Here’s a simple explanation of these options:

  1. Meal Combinations: These are often called “combo meals.” A typical combo at McDonald’s includes a main item like a burger or chicken nuggets, a side (usually fries or a salad), and a drink. This makes ordering simpler and usually offers a little savings compared to buying items separately. Combos are popular because they provide a complete meal with a variety of flavors.
  2. Value Picks: McDonald’s Canada has a menu section called “Value Picks” which includes items that are priced lower than other menu items. This menu makes it more affordable for people to enjoy their food. It often includes smaller burgers, snacks, and drinks.
  3. Limited-Time Offers: Sometimes, McDonald’s introduces special items for a limited period. These can be new burgers, seasonal items, or unique twists on classic menu items. It’s a way to keep the menu exciting and give customers new flavors to try.
  4. Breakfast Combos: In addition to regular meals, McDonald’s offers breakfast combinations in the morning. These often include breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, and coffee or other breakfast-appropriate beverages.
  5. Family Meals: Some McDonald’s locations offer family meal deals, which are larger combinations intended to feed multiple people. These might include several burgers, a large fries, and multiple drinks, making it easy for a family or group to get a meal together at a better price.

McHappy Day: An annual event at McDonald’s where part of the proceeds from sales go to charities like Ronald McDonald House. Specials during this day might include particular items or meals that contribute more to the charity, encouraging customers to participate and help out.

McDonald’s Food Sourcing & Local Flavors

McDonald’s Canada places a lot of emphasis on including local flavors and sourcing food ingredients locally wherever possible. This approach supports Canadian farmers and producers, and it ensures that the food served is fresh. Here’s a closer look at how McDonald’s Canada incorporates local flavors and sources its ingredients:

  1. Local Ingredients: McDonald’s Canada uses 100% Canadian beef in their burgers, meaning the beef comes only from Canadian farms. This supports local farmers and the economy. Similarly, the chicken used is also sourced from Canadian suppliers.
  2. Dairy Products: The milk used in their coffee, tea, and other dairy-based products is sourced from Canadian dairy. This not only supports local dairy farmers but also ensures that the dairy products are fresh.
  3. Eggs and Potatoes: The eggs used in breakfast items come from Canadian egg farmers, and the potatoes used for making French fries are also sourced from farms across Canada, including famous potato-growing regions like Prince Edward Island.
  4. Seasonal and Regional Items: Sometimes, McDonald’s Canada introduces menu items that reflect local tastes or seasonal availability. For example, they might offer a special burger that includes a popular Canadian ingredient or sauce.
  5. Environmental Responsibility: By sourcing locally, McDonald’s Canada reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation of food ingredients. This practice is part of their commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

Community Support: Through local sourcing, McDonald’s Canada contributes to the local economy, providing jobs and supporting the communities where their restaurants are located.

About McDonald’s Canada

In Canada, the first McDonald’s Restaurant was established in 1967 in Richmond, British Columbia. The restaurant system McDonald’s presents offers good quality food that is prepared consistently with the same tastes at every location, every time.

In the early stages of McDonald’s development in 1968–1967 in Canada, a big achievement for introducing the Big Mac to the Egg McMuffin Sandwich was obtained.

Now McDonald’s Canada Restaurants is working in over 1400 locations, providing delicious choices and food to more than 2.5 million people. McDonald’s menu in Canada never compromises on the taste and quality of its products, that is the reason its products are loved by everyone all over the location in Canada.

Branches and Employees in Canada

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food chain and serves 2.5 million customers daily across Canada. It has the largest number of its total restaurants located in Canada. McDonald’s owns and operates more than 1400 restaurants in Canada Limited. 

There are more than 90,000 Canadian Citizens who are employed coast-to-coast by this fast food chain. All the employees are a team, a community, and a family that supports one another. McDonald’s trains their staff members and workers to complete their particular tasks. Almost 85% of McDonald’s restaurants are locally owned, these branches are operated by independent entrepreneurs in communities from all over Canada.


McDonald’s always takes care of its customers and provides them with the best opportunities and offers. In the same way, McDonald’s facilitates their customer with quick and fast online order service. This service will provide McDonald’s customers with the option to enjoy every McDonald’s meal at home whenever they want. 

McDonald’s Canada Social Media Handles

Here, we will provide you with all the Social Media Account Links of McDonald’s Canada.

Platform Link
McDonald’s Visit McDonald’s Official website 
InstagramVisit Instagram
FacebookVisit Facebook 
TwitterVisit Twitter


McDonald’s is highly popular in Canada and are customer’s most demanding choice in Canada. There are more than 1,400 McDonald’s restaurants that employ more than 80,000 Canadians

This McDonald’s Card is a redeemable gift card. You can redeem at all McDonald’s outlets and can enjoy your faves. These cards can be purchased and can be reloaded at any time. You can easily buy these gift cards and can be used as an alternative to payment at McDonald’s restaurants. 

All the ingredients McDonald’s Canada uses in the preparation of its delicious items are 100% healthy and fresh. All these products are sourced from authorized and certified farms and farmers who grow all the products sustainably.

In Canada, there are more than 1,400 McDonald’s restaurants that are employing about more than 80,000 Canadians.

Yes, all the information related to nutrition along with calorie information is always available in our menu section on the mobile app. If you add or remove items, then the nutrition information according to it will be shown to you. Along with nutrition information, the ingredients that each item and meal contains are also available in the app.

Most McDonald’s restaurants in Canada have breakfast timing of 4:00 A.M. to 10:49 A.M. but these timings can also vary according to restaurants at different locations.

McDonald’s takes care of the choices and preferences of its customers. Therefore, serves multiple items that everyone can enjoy. On McDonald’s Canada menu, a variety of vege options are available.

Yes, if you want to add or remove any ingredient or item you just need to ask at the front counter or on the app. Then according to your choice, your order will be delivered to you. You can also change the sizes and items in any meal.